Thursday, December 4, 2008


Elder Mauzy is doing great! His companion and another roommate injured themselves while playing basketball so we were relieved to hear he didn't get hurt!

"Me being the only American in the house has been kind of tough, but I have been trying really hard to look to the savior, and he has given me so much comfort. and even though it is tough, I am happy, and I know that I can only succeed in this mission with his help. Mom while I was in the MTC, there is a time that I can point out where I could really see my testimony grow, I remember you sent me a church news article called, feelings of gratitude, and I really tried to apply it. I realized how much I had, and that there is no reason to be sad, because of how much I already have. I then learned how important it is to love others and to serve them. That is where true happiness comes. Well I thought I would just share that because it is thanksgiving time"

"We find new investigators everyday. No joke. Only a few of them are sincerely interested though. The ones who are interested and who hopefully will be baptized are: Christina, Almario family, Hilario family, and this new family, I forgot their name. So the people here are so nice. the family that I forgot their name, dont have enough money for lights so they use candles. two whole candles were used up while we were teaching them. I felt kind of bad:- but it is definitely worth it for them, because they can have eternal life with their family if they recieve the gospel. That is another thing I am grateful for. I am grateful that I am sealed to you and that in heaven we will be together forever if we stay valiant. Thank you for all your love and support."

We LOVE hearing from Elder Mauzy and seeing the wonderful growth he is going through.


Stephanie said...

Wow, he is growing up. I hardly recognized him in your pictures... he was around 13 yrs old last time we saw you all... time flies. Wow! Excited to hear that he is doing well on his mission.