Friday, December 26, 2008

Best Christmas Gift

Christmas this year was amazing!! We prepared a lovely feast for Christmas Eve dinner. It was a very bitter-sweet Christmas...we were full of the Christmas JOY and yet at the same time missing Trevor a lot. Christmas just isn't the same with a family member gone.

We woke up Christmas morning and began opening presents. It was a different Christmas for us compared to last year. Last year we were swarmed with wedding plans that Christmas unfortunately was over looked a little. So, we opened presents and I was amazed at how many gifts there were under the tree! The last gift Adam and I opened was a surprise from my parents. It was a beautiful painting of the Salt Lake Temple and it had our names and our sealing date. We LOVE it!!

We ate a HUGE breakfast and relaxed the rest of day playing with our new gadgets and gizmo's. Finally 6:00 rolled around and the family was anxiously waiting for the telephone to ring. Suddenly my cell phone rings and the called id shows 'with held'. From past experience I never answer a
with held number but, I figured what the heck right, it's Christmas. To my surprise my best friend, and brother Trevor was on the other line from the Philippines. (Silly kid forgot our home phone number:). We were able to talk to him for 40 minutes and it was the Best Christmas Present EVER!. When the phone call sadly ended none of us really knew how to react. Sad because we miss him or happy because he was so happy??

Point of this post is to show that through one phone call I gained a new and correct perspective of the season. Presents and food in the end don't matter. It is the Savior's birth and His sacrifice that we need to focus on. I am so proud of my brother for the service he is rendering.
What a Wonderful Christmas!!!!