Sunday, January 23, 2011


I had stopped posting for the "Mauzy Blog' until my Mom mentioned that family members would probably still like to read up on our family. So I will send out an email to family members with a link to this blog if you would like to keep up on our family.

So, since the last post too much has happened to update everyone so I will do a quick overview. :)

Trevor: has been home from his mission in the Philippines for a while now. He is currently working at the MTC (missionary training center) teaching Tagalog. (The language he learned while on his mission). He loves preparing missionaries for the Lord's work!! He is also a full time student at Brigham Young University and majoring in Exercise Science. He moved out and is loving his roommates and his ward. We are assuming he is having a great time since we never see him around the house :)

Mom: is still working as hard as ever at Robert's Craft. She is finally getting some recognition by the 'higher ups' but, is still having to deal with some poor treatment. She is scrapbooking pictures of all of us kids (with or with out our permission) all over the stores. She is now the lead 'scrapbooker' for all of the Robert's Crafts in the area. That even extends into Idaho. :)

Dad: is still working at Novell and we are all so grateful he is still there. Novell was recently bought out by another company so we'll see what happens there. Dad is hopeful (or at least he acts that way around us :) He is the ward clerk and that calling seems to keep him pretty busy!

Adam & Maranda: we are expecting our first little baby on June 2nd! I am 21 weeks and we found out last week that little baby is a BOY!! Now that we know for sure what we are having Mom has the green light to buy anything blue :) We are also looking for our first house! Adam is working at Twin Labs as the Microbiologist. Twin Labs produces vitamins, protein powders, herbal teas, etc. I am working at an Oral Surgeons office as a surgical assistant/office coordinator.

My computer is MIA but, once I get it back I will post some pictures of the recent happenings in our life!