Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Little Update

So we heard from Trevor last night and he his having a little bit of a rough time so everyone pray really hard for him! He loves the chicken curry but not so much the seafood. He hates sardines and stuff like that:)

Maranda & Adam were just called as Primary Teachers for the 10 year olds in their new ward. They are learning patience and will hopefully grow to the love the calling and grow closer to the Savior through it was well. They have a little down syndrome boy named Taylor who is a sweetheart but, definitely a handful so we'll see how everything goes:)

Mom is still working at Robert's and is getting ready for Christmas already. They are having her carry and lift heavy things and if they keep it up Maranda is going to go over there and kick some bums:) no seriously though, it really isn't good. Other than that she loves her job. Her and Snicker's are the best of buddies!

Dad is working hard as usual at Novell. He is enjoying the BYU Football Season almost as much as Adam is:). He works really hard in his church calling as well. We are all missing our missionary but we are so proud of him!

So that is it for the Mauzy update...hope you enjoyed it!:)